We have sort of a crazy weekend ~ On Sunday, we're producing a big music show for shooting a couple scenes in the upcoming movie starring Zac Efron called We Are Your Friends. If you'd like to come hang out in the VIP area with us, click the link below and join in the weird fun!

Also our friend Yung Jake is performing at MOCA's Step and Repeat this weekend and they've been generous enough to give us a list Jake fans and attend Jake's amazing performance. RSVP below for free entry. If you're not familiar, click here to become a fan. Check the Step and Repeat site here.

On Friday and Saturday nights we're helping with a LOT 613 double header: Making Shapes and Lights Down Low. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere late. Let me know if you need list for either of these and if we have any guestlist available, we'll be happy to add you!

[Click here to RSVP for VIP]
It's very important that you do not share this link. I know you think that this goes out to a million people but it doesn't. This email truly just goes out to close friends and colleagues and knowing that, I trust you all to know who should and shouldn't join us.
Saturday Night!
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